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Case Files: Brujeria Curse

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

A mother living in Los Angeles with her children, deals with the magical impact of a jealous ex-spouse.

By Amy Beauchamp

Illustration by Glyn Smith

Paranormal cases are not just for trying to capture evidence. The cases that cross my path are typically acute situations. This requires a very careful approach.

“Every paranormal case is unique. The client is always the last authority on how many layers of the case to treat. When they decide they are done or need time to process, then this must be respected.”

Los Angeles being one of the most dense in the nation attracts residents from all over the world...and that includes varying belief systems, religious and occult practices.

Brujeria Curse

A referral came across my desk for a mother of two young children. Recently separated, she was experiencing a repetitive pattern that indicated an extreme uptick of specific occurrences outside the normal daily routine of life, family and relationships. Upon doing the intake interview it was very clear that this was potentially a folk magic curse to make it impossible for the mother to enter into another committed relationship. No other areas seemed to be impacted.

After walking the property and assessing for other paranormal layers analytically and intuitively, it appeared that all was pointing to this potential curse. So how to actually work on paranormal layers once they have been identified? It depends on how complicated each of those layers are, how collaborative the client is, and how they will continue to follow through with the commitment to maintain the energetic balance of their space once I have gone.

I was able to tackle two big ongoing problematic layers with the client agreeing to continue the treatment of the space as needed (this included teaching the client how to consecrate her own salt and water, and spiritually cleanse her home on an as needed basis, as well as cleansing herself), and including protection against the evil eye. At that point, the client preferred space to get back to the daily ebb and flow of life. There are more layers still, yet I must be willing to detach from the case until the client wants to continue. All of my community cases are pro bono, and typically not filmed to protect the client's privacy.

I will check in with the client every 2-3 months unless I hear from them first that something has come up to be addressed. This is the reality of paranormal case work. The idea of truly solving something is nebulous at best and often takes much longer than one evening. Some cases take several years to make headway!

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