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The Green Man

By Erin Monroe

As a new medium, I spend time in my daily life putting out my metaphysical feelers, as well as setting aside time to conduct in depth exploration. 

I live in rural Central PA on acreage, so I have a lot of green space to explore. One way I conduct in-depth work is to identify energetic “hot spots”.  I have found several on my property and chose to first work one under an old tree. It’s an original property marker for our land and still serves this purpose. I wanted to identify the cause of the energy spike here. I discovered an earth entity. I am not so familiar with mythology around lower entities from western or indigenous cultures. I like this, because I feel I don’t come in with any prejudiced ideas.

Physically, he was a man with frog features, but it felt “normal” rather than a bizarre cross of man and beast. He was green and hairless. He had a strong attractive manly body but with green skin and frog or toad markings. He wore some rudimentary clothing, something like a loincloth but more decorative as well as decorative elements on his body. I was able to have some communication with him. He is a keeper of the land, a protector, and lives in or under the tree. I asked him what should I do to return our property to a whole natural state, as it had been used for farming for at least 100 years. He suggested I set fire to the vegetation.

This I had to refuse, but I will try amending the soil with ash. I also wanted to make him feel welcome on our property to stay- as he has been here long before I, and will hopefully remain long after. I asked him if he wanted anything from me. His answer? Well I’ll leave that to the reader’s imagination. Let’s just say he doesn’t have the hang ups that our modern human society does with its morals and whatnot. 

A week later, I returned to the tree to sit in a chair I’d left there. To my surprise, after about 20 minutes a doe emerged from the tall grass and leapt away. She was far closer than Id ever expect- perhaps 15 feet away. Surely she’d have smelled my chair and human scent all over it? Why was she in this space? 

I will close with this question- is it possible to welcome an entity to your property without crossing a line of worship? If I were to leave gifts, is that worship? I have tended this area of my land with particular care, clearing out old rusted barbed wire, and kept this tree safe. Should I do more?

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