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Case Files: Halloween House

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

A beautiful family and their home caught between several different paranormal layers.

Pandora's Jar had the opportunity to investigate a family residence in Los Angeles with what we initially thought were several drive-by ghosts from the intake interview. There was so much more going on when we arrived to the location!

“After crossing over the ghosts that we could, we worked with the land out in the backyard with two disruptive paranormal layers that were clashing...”

The initial walkthrough revealed several drive-by ghosts that were present. Then upon deeper excavation as Mediums, we identified some trickier layers also influencing the property.

A Family About Halloween & the Paranormal

The first several layers had to do with sussing out the amount of day-to-day focus on the paranormal that the entire family was engaging in. Plus their annual spectacular Halloween party they throw every year. This provided constant focus that quickly attracts any disembodied spirits in the neighborhood.

After crossing over the ghosts that we could, we worked with the land out in the backyard with two disruptive paranormal layers that were clashing...Native American ancestors and a random alien (inter-dimensional). Plus two of the teenage children were experiencing constant sleep disruptions.

Claire worked with the Native American layer (she is now a wonderful Advisor to our Pandora's Jar Paranormal Team), presenting an offering to bridge the gap of two groups of beings living/deceased overlapping on the same piece of property. She also attended to the alien consciousness lurking in the corner of the backyard (yes we understand this is strange to most people, but as Mediums, we perceive a wider range of what is out there).

We did a combination of spirit communication circles and utilized collective methods to help nudge as many of the ghosts on the property to cross over to the other side as we could.

Several Pandora's Jar members provided spiritual counsel to the family, and I shared a forward framework for the family's consideration that the Mother could implement to maintain the overall spiritual health of the home and property (working through her family's spiritual belief system of Catholicism, and utilizing techniques that are within the margins of this particular religion).

This was a very brave family that allowed us to come into their home, investigate, attempt to remedy and bring balance to all the active layers (including the living family), and provide spiritual counsel where needed.

By Amy Beauchamp

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