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Case Files: Displaced Fire Beings

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Los Angeles: an uprooted tree unknowingly displaces fire beings.

By Amy Beauchamp

Smokebraider | Art by Anthony S. Waters

Sometimes we move into homes and businesses built on top of land so ancient, that we have no idea what is underneath our feet or inhabiting the nature around us..

“The lands of continents embody a vast array ancient energies from long ago that our current Western civilization is just beginning to discover..and yet many who have known all along are becoming fewer and fewer.”

Sometimes investigating a property reveals paranormal activity that is so far left-field, one must pause to think critically how to approach, and if it is a good idea to even dive in to help at all. Caution must always be used in every paranormal case.

Fire Beings...Really?

Yeah...the variety of paranormal oddities that can present at a location are vast and wide-ranging. I was approached by a father of a family who was very happy to move into his first home in a middle class area of Los Angeles. Everything was fine the first couple of years, even with renovations on the home. Then an adjacent neighbor uprooted a massive tree in his backyard that had been there for a very, very long time. It was a fully mature tree. He cut it up and piled the pieces of the trunk against the fence that the father shared. After this, an extreme uptick of odd occurrences happened.

Electrical problems, short circuiting appliances, disturbances with sleep, feeling thirsty in the middle of the night consistently. All of these symptoms could absolutely be caused by practical reasons. So during the intake interview, a thorough timeline had to be established before and during the symptoms presenting. In this case all problems were first addressed by practical methods. Such as getting an electrician to check out the wiring, checking appliances for weaknesses, moving to another room to try to sleep, etc.

Once all of the practical reasons for symptoms have been ruled out and practical applications applied, then if the symptoms continue to then begins to look like something else altogether was causing these symptoms to present...most likely paranormal.

How was I able to deduce that something like fire beings were involved? Enter the Medium, the Exorcist, the Magician, the Shaman, the Medicine Man or Woman - all have overlapping skill sets that allow for a wider range of experiencing our perceived reality. From there esoteric methods and communication were applied to work with the beings (their home was destroyed, now where would they live?), and instructions given to the father to help maintain balance of his property. Since then all of the symptoms have subsided. Every few months I check in with the father to see how the property is doing. It will be up to him to maintain a good-standing relationship with these very vocal fire beings.

By Amy Beauchamp

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