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Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Female Explorers..

My trip to Africa is nearly complete. Just completed a moving audio interview with a young Nigerian Photo Journalist who captured some compelling dramatic moments during the 2020 #EndSARS protest at the Lekki tollgate not far from here. That interview that took place on Lagos Island, will be posted in an upcoming podcast episode along with a personal story about the occult.

We had a few days of uncharacteristic weather in the local provinces, which closely resembled my home region in Southern California where I usually reside. Dry, warm weather! Now, as the wave of humidity has come back in amidst morning fog (a very odd combination for me to experience...because it literally feels like heat, humidity and fog until the sun burns off the marine layer a bit), I am planning the next bits of sustenance from the local sellers. One of the things I have learned over the last several years, is that no matter where you are in the world, plan for shelter a bit beyond your stay to the best of your ability. Rather than dining at restaurants and living it up with the night life, I opted to boost food storage and save expenditures to add basic amenities to the flat I am renting. Then here and there I can selectively venture out for specific experiences.

This website started out as a purely paranormal website, and this is still it's backbone. However reassessing my needs going forward, it makes more sense to express within this framework as I experience the paranormal in my daily life. The two are not separate for me. I don't go to a house or a business to experience the paranormal. It is in fact all around me, all of the time. Many paranormal investigators overlook this massive detail. They want the next most haunted site to explore. Often that site can be just up the road at a patch of unassuming land that nobody wants to build on for some reason. In the valley where I live in Los Angeles county, there are unmarked Native American burial grounds everywhere. Natural disasters, crime and accidents which cause sudden death can be natural hotspots for paranormal activity. Or homes and business that get renovated where previous residents have passed and have chosen to hang around. Then there is the supernatural layer with occult practices..and down the rabbit hole we all go!

In America, we continue to experience increased volatility. I don't see an end to it anytime soon. What I do see is increased awareness for our society to acknowledge we do need to start learning how to self-sustain more through the volatility, while slowing down to gain the ability with paying attention to the stimuli all around us. Many are doing just that. Even more critical is evaluating what quality of life means now. Americans spent the last several decades chasing materialism. Now the times call for a new direction to forge. That direction will look different to each individual. For me...that means more moments with my feet on the ground experiencing, learning and expressing outside of the hypersonic information highways...which for me are too fast, too much. I am more selective now about what I take in. I would rather be learning a new language, honing my treatment skills for active paranormal sites and people experiencing supernatural challenges. Most of all, and I believe important for everyone to diverting time and resources to self-sustaining activities in preparation for that time where someone loses a job, or a natural disaster strikes, or an unfortunate event happens. We can't prepare for everything, yet there is always several things we can do if we really put our time and attention to it.

Speaking of taking in...much of the paranormal tends to happen in the subtle layers. The more one can integrate with the natural environment outside of artificial stimuli, the stronger one's senses get for naturally picking up on paranormal stimuli. A person does not have to be a Medium to increase sensory awareness..although that is the main pathway to building those muscles of reception and communication with the deceased and beyond. Because at the end of the was always an integrated experience. As modern humans, we tend to feel more comfortable with categorizing and putting everything in neat, separate little boxes. Life is never neat and separate. ;) ~Amy Beauchamp

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