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Podcast Episode 10: Who's Talking Paranormal?

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Interview with Drea de Matteo & Chris Kushner

Special Guests:

Drea De Matteo & Chris Kushner

Host: Amy Beauchamp

Pandora's Jar Paranormal

Guest Interviewers:

Erin Monroe

Pamela Shafer

GeeDee Carey

The start of our interview series. Drea de Matteo & Chris Kushner, who have launched their own podcast (see below for more information) agreed to brave a podcast with our paranormal team! Head on over to our podcast page here to listen. Or find us on Spotify and many of the major podcast aggregators!

Our team had a blast interviewing these two dynamic ladies who are always on the hustle to make a difference in their communities and in business!

Drea de Matteo Bio - Some of you may have first been introduced to Drea’s stunning acting work as Adriana La Cerva from the HBO hit series The Sopranos, which garnered her several award nominations by the Screen Actors Guild, a Golden Globe nomination, and including receiving a coveted Emmy in 2004, along with other award wins.

Although Drea’s role on the HBO hit series ended in 2004 – she continued at a high pitch with phenomenal acting endeavors in the entertainment industry. Most recently Drea landed some incredible recurring acting roles on the Sons of Anarchy, Shades of Blue, and A Million Little Things.

Chris Kushner Bio - is a tour de force as a past Executive Creative Designer and Event Producer, with clothing lines garnering A-list celebrity attention (including Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Brittany Spears and others), as well as receiving accredited acclaim in Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo.

Following, Chris further established herself as Founder & CEO of Double Platinum, LLC….a multifaceted consulting agency for top-tier entertainment industry clients with work endeavors ranging from high-level branding to producing, high-stakes deal negotiation and nonprofit strategic development. Past clients include: The Recording Academy/Music Cares, Los Angeles Fashion Week, People Magazine, VH1 and several others.


Drea & Chris just launched their new podcast!

Made Women: A Sopranos Re-Watch Podcast with @dreadematteo and @chriskushner


Made Women Podcast Description

Actor and Sopranos star, Drea De Matteo and her best friend, entrepreneur & New Jersey native Chris Kushner, invite listeners into the ultimate inner circle. Made Women: A Sopranos Re-Watch Podcast takes listeners deep inside the mafioso world of television’s most iconic crime drama. Head back to the New Jersey Turnpike with De Matteo and Kushner as they unpack the series episode by episode, expertly bringing the show into the present era by relating its themes to their real lives and giving exclusive insider input, stories from behind the scenes, special guests, and so much more.

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