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Notes From the Sea...

Beneath the storms of mass projection and societal change, my energy has pulled me under to the buffered places away from all the chaotic activity. The pressure of relentless pace to keep posting an output of granular detail online is antithetical to the more natural ebb and flow of life. What is really necessary?

As I navigate the ocean tundra down here, I observe my entrance into a new chapter of profound experiences and realizations. Moving with the tides of creative influx, and then into stillness with outflow has been serving me well. Rest assured I have not come empty handed to this blogpost. For those that are tapped into the deeper flows of energy, I dare say you have already found your own quiet corner or nook to watch the descent of modern civilization.

Not to be completely macabre (and a second cup here of earl grey aside *sip*) need only to look around at the increasing Neptunian confusion and broad-multi continent-inducement of authoritarianism to see the accelerated pace of writing on the wall.

Some paranormal tidbits though for the the unconditional work continues to cross my path. I am buttressed between two cases concurrently. The first, a somewhat remote case, is an elongated one that I am still in the probing stages for information from different angles to help narrow down triggers and likely causes. Much of it pointing towards land-based activity, and has me waiting for more symptomatic feedback. I find myself combing backwards through commercial housing and business development layers, to the Native American tribal layers, and then beyond to deeper land-based possibilities. Surface symptoms include induced nightmares, physical auditory disturbances at all hours of the day and night, and sustained multi-focal points of presence...the kind that have the hairs on the back of ones neck at constant attention. Add a dose of modern-day renters with natural psychic ability and the cocktail mix is potent.

The other local case is also ongoing. Devoting my spare time to unconditional work has me engaging in increasingly deeper layers of my Mediumship skills. In the past, clairolfaction with fragrances was not the first set of information to hit my field to process. In this instance it is the central focal point that after standard process of deduction of probable causes and spot testing, have become very clear this ongoing situation paranormal. I had thought it was a one-off event. Yet each time I returned to the location, more of the deceased have arrived looking for safe passage through a near choking cloud of inhaled smoke not visible by physical eyes or manifested enough to set off active installed smoke alarms. Usually the first thing a Medium thinks of when they encounter the deceased is a locally induced situation or event. In this case I am not so sure. Even as I do my part to be an intentional bridge, I am still working on locating the source of the event that caused so may to parish at the same time and place. In any event..with each assist to cross these groups of deceased to the next phase of their journey, the pungent smell of smoke evaporates in about 5-10 minutes with no open windows or doors, no central air system or ceiling fans running.

Lastly in this post, a story handed to me from one of my foreign friends abroad where the occult is brazenly front and center in the culture across many countries. A story of a friend-of-a-friend-type thing. The second-removed friend recently over several months had been working for an established businessman. This businessman had been injured in an accident and needed someone to step into his place for a time while he healed. The money for this work as a replacement was good, so good that this friend-of-a-friend desired to keep it going for as long as he could as he was worried if the man recovered, he would no longer be needed and the good times of easy money would end. He sought an occult practitioner to keep the man in a prolonged state of injury (an unfortunately common occurrence still in many countries (imbalanced magic for personal gain at the expense of others without their knowing). Many in his circle had not suspected this friend capable of such nasty intent. After so many months, the businessman and his doctor realized he was not healing as he should with no known logical explanation. So the businessman set out to his religious place of worship where prophecy is encouraged. Questions were asked and it was revealed the magical nature of the prolonged injury.

The businessman circled back to a local suspected occult practitioner that was well known in the area. When confronted, had affirmed he had recently within the last set of months was indeed paid to perform just such an occult working for a man who was injured in a particular way, with instructions to keep the injury from healing. He immediately set about to rectify the occult working to heal his injury. The businessman then, by process of deduction, settled on the most likely person benefitting from him not able to return to his business..the friend-of-a-friend. He confronted him as well. His instincts proved correct, and the hired man now officially in arrears with stolen money, has made himself extremely scarce after frantically reaching out to whom-ever he could to try to pay the business man back to avoid legal repercussions. As of this blog post, he is still in hiding.

As this Exalted Uranus in Scorpio is known to do...the last few months have been a steady build in new yet familiar ways. Like a recently pruned tree that shoots out fresh green tendrils and leaves through gnarled-crusted knobs where past cuts occurred, eventually becoming the next set of mature branches ever reaching for the sun...I have rooted myself again. From mineralized ashes to rebirth anew. More on all of the above in my next audio podcast.

~Amy Beauchamp

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