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Navigating Paranormal Projects...

Podcast Recording

Part of my intention with this travelogue is to give a bird's eye-view of what it is like to be 'paranormal heavy' while living in Los Angeles. Not from a showcase televised perspective...but from an on-the-ground, really working pro bono and learning within the community and society I am in. By paranormal heavy, I mean devoting a good amount of weekly time to endeavors relating to the paranormal. That time can be anything from writing a blog post, research into a case or other areas I am studying that feed into the vast world of the unknown (ancient cultures, holy scriptures, occult practices etc), visiting a client for a follow up in the community that has been having challenges in the paranormal, keeping our Pandora's Jar Paranormal website updated, prepping for a future case that is flying our way, or a personal case from a friend, or a friend of a friend as it goes. Add to that a podcast series. So given all these areas, how do we manage?

It ends up being a little like 'something's gotta give'...similar to tending to a garden (or managing a lot of projects). The task list never ends...nor should it. That is what makes the journey exciting. There are weeks I am completely in the digital world, and others where nothing gets updated for a while because my time gets absorbed with stretching into deeper layers of the paranormal in the area. No matter why you are on a paranormal journey, the best part is the journey there is never truly a point of arrival. For those that claim to be experts in the paranormal there really such a thing? Do we ever really hit the ceiling like that from a range of scope no one can agree on? I don't think we will ever get to that point. If you are into the paranormal and feel like you are hitting a wall...cast your net wide. Don't just distill your paranormal path to ghosts or demons...there is so much more out there. Expand your mind into other cultures, religions, spiritual modalities, art, archaeology, anthropology, languages, symbology. These areas can provide a bedrock of support and clues to your paranormal journey beyond the limited tech we are all working with at this time. Consider moving beyond the evidence capture and stretching into new territory. will get messy. Actual paranormal work never fits neatly into a tech box. However the project management of your endeavors absolutely can. Cross-pollenating your time with business management can really help streamline your efforts to help you process how you are evolving..and reflection in the paranormal is everything.

Navigation and implementation of paranormal projects is not easy unless we can define the scope of the work. Start with the end goal in mind, and work backwards and commit to smaller milestones that indicate you truly are working towards something and not just running around in circles. How will you take your paranormal projects to the next level? It is a great question to ask yourself a few times a year. :) -Amy

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