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Mapping it all out...

Mapping out Los Angeles...not for tourist attractions, or rerouting on roads to bypass high volume traffic That would be too much on the mundane side for us here. We are endeavoring to map the convergence of timeline layers with supernatural hot spots that don't seem to be going away anytime soon. Going way beyond your average ghost activity, this mapping of the area right where we live is about front-loading bleed-through problem areas from an ancient timeline perspective. Most investigators research a location for a historical record of past occurrences that might have happened in the structure, or a previous structure that might have stood in its place before...and maybe extend to the land itself...and going back a few hundred years (mostly).

We see many groups in the paranormal field now having an awareness that they might want to research if the house or business they are investigating is sitting on a burial ground. This is a good first step in that it brings the conscious awareness down into the land through time, and not just above it. Why does this matter? Treating a location site for active paranormal activity has the greatest chance of success when all angles are attended to.

Treating a location site for active paranormal activity has the greatest chance of success when all angles are attended to...

Yet why is this? Because the deeper down the rabbit whole we travel where the supernatural is concerned, we hit a place where we realize that yes, the house may be standing there on the ground, and yes..there is paranormal activity impacting the house. However it doesn't necessarily mean the activity is coming from the inside of the house. It could be somewhere on the land nearby, it could be something coming up from the land that is ancient, something else entirely (cue the science fiction music!). Just because we can't tangibly see something with our physical eyes, does not mean it is not there impacting us.

How in the world can an investigator begin to map an active location site in this way? Start from the center and move outwards in a spiral 360 degree fashion. Start with the client at the intake interview and then hopefully you have access to practitioners like a robust Medium, Shaman, or Western Magician (of the Mysteries)...any of these specializing in balanced, compassionate exorcism and occult dismantling work. You are looking for a forensic level practitioner who has an awareness of nuance and respectful treatment with beings and energy anomalies between the all good, or all evil, all light, or all dark, only angels, or only demons (our current extreme societal polarization). Do your historical research as far back as you can go...(think myths, legends, art, music, holy scriptures). You would be amazed what could be active at a place, or how many layers could be present to deal with.

If you have already discovered a region or neighborhood where elevated events occurred, and have done a deep dive to understand the makeup of the land or water in that area (read "environmental sciences and anthropology")...then this will save you time and you can factor these problem spots in along with other suspected paranormal triggers. From here, your best bet for success with the client is with teasing out the layers and attempting to work with them...and you will need a skilled supernatural practitioner (as mentioned above) for that. Maybe even a team of practitioners. Yes...there will be locations where everyone is better off just walking away. That's why we call it Pandora's Jar. When it comes to the supernatural, anything is possible it seems (at least from what we have seen so far as Mediums).

-Amy Beauchamp

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