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Global Empath's Nightmare Scenario

By Amy Beauchamp

Are you an Empath, Medium, or other type of practitioner with a sensitive sensory system? Maybe you are none of the above with exception to being more sensitive in many areas than others around you? One of the rising tides of sensory onslaught are the growing clusters of the corona virus all over the world at this time.

The debate as to whether this is a pandemic or not is becoming a hotly debated topic. Regardless, the amount of increasing fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, panic, depression, sadness and grief is quickly becoming enough to knock out many sensitives. I myself have been taking repeated hits as I modify my own movements outside of my residence in anticipating infected clusters to appear in my area. A big question many Empaths will be asking soon, is how can I buffer against these rising tides? Here is what I am doing in no particular order, yet more as specific needs arise. The idea is to discern what needs rebalancing on a daily basis:

*Shore up your space with necessities to last a while...water, food, sundries etc. People may say this is being selfish. Yes, in a survival situation it is meant to be - ensuring one's own survival is a natural human response. We each have a right to shelter in place for survival if it is available to us. Having necessities will bring down stress levels and buy time to monitor the viral situation, decide next steps if necessary, or just to hold the fort for a while to maintain safety if one can.

*Go slow if you can as you move throughout your day. Paying attention to your breathing can bring down stress levels.

*Invest in a weighted blanket or heavy comforter to calm your nervous system. Sometimes just sitting under the blanket and listening to instrumental music on headphones can really provide a break to several systems at once.

*Meditate and/or listen to soft uplifting instrumental music. This will help to center yourself, to cope with stress, and to hopefully give your systems a short break from the world.

*Have a spiritual nook in your living space where you can attend to on a daily basis to feel more connected. Whether you are religious, spiritual, nature-based or just love to be surrounded by family and friends, having a special space in your home where pictures and items can be grouped together in an uplifting way - can provide a necessary calm in the eye of a storm.

*Engage in more stretching, and exercise. This will help to generalize effects to your various systems. Sit ups are a great way to engage and strengthen your solar plexus (along with breath of fire). This can help mitigate some of the fear you might be experiencing.

*Time to hit that journal and/or talk with an uplifting person. This helps to process all the emotions you are picking up both within yourself, and outside of yourself.

*Find a sunny window and get some rays - even if it is Winter. The light will hopefully provide a bit of a boost to the brain.

*Take some time to watch comedies or other uplifting programming. Or read books or other online material that help to balance out all the distressing information getting disseminated in the media.

*If you can, take a short nap..especially if your increased stressful state is outputting more adrenaline than usual. You will get exhausted more easily.

*Engage in a creative activity. It will help move the emotions through you so they do not stagnate and increase stress.

*Count your blessings...make a list of what is working, what you are grateful for. Read it as often as needed.

*Take great care of yourself, as best as you can...hydration, vitamins, healthy meals, sleep, positive outlook on life even if the challenges are intense.

These are all action-step approaches to help rebalance your various internal systems from an esoteric angle. It is not meant to be a substitute for medical needs. If you are suspecting you need medical attention, please contact your doctor or other licensed medical professional for guidance.

The most important thing is to try to do something to rebalance, center and calm your overall system. This will help to separate out what are truly your emotions, and which emotions you have been picking up from everywhere else.


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