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Photograph by Amy Beauchamp: National Theater of Nigeria

Those who see themselves as adversaries on the road of your life, let them be to walk their own path uphill in this life or the next. The hall of mirrors in present space is ever constant to each one, waiting for the one to fall back onto themselves and realize that because of their constant projections, they are often their own worst enemy.

A good amount of time into Nigeria, and I am more aware of what life looks like in an oppressed economy over decades. This day to day toil over time has split many into either constant tribal conditional/results magic that pervasively comes at a high price, and those that resist the ancient Pagan path for the Abrahamic religions of Christianity or Islam. Both seek towards the externalization of a higher power to bring desired results, bestow gifts or relief from righteousness for the most part it seems. Far fewer are those that embody the unconditional service-oriented approach of seeking balance within the path of the divine by meeting life head-on and doing the hard work to evolve. Deep ancient wisdom emerges not from reading book after book, but from dynamic engagement in the stream of never ending adversities while tending to everyone and everything around them unconditionally - to the best of their ability. After decades of climbing uphill this way for survival, I am realizing that I have only just begun the climb in spirit.

"The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom

While he sits by his hearth at home.

Quickly finds when questioned by others,

That he knows nothing at all."

~Hávamál, The Words of Odin the High One

Allowing myself to be malleable as to what gems I would discover in these tribal lands on the African continent, it became increasingly clear that fate placed me squarely in the focus of tending to my own foundations and expanding awareness of doing my part in unconditional service. During a time where the judging of others comes easy, I am striving towards the opposite. Our society at large is changing with no way back, and many will need something solid to hold onto as the eye of the storm continues to build and the way forward emerges.

Soon I will return to the land of excess with its competing crowns of righteousness to outweigh all others and beset in freshly cut jewels. Let my rock instead, be one of necessity and the constant working towards unconditional service-oriented balance.

"He welcomes the night who has enough provisions

Short are the sails of a ship,

Dangerous the dark in autumn,

The wind may veer within five days,

And many times in a month."

~Hávamál, The Words of Odin the High One

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