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Case Files: The Jinn in Africa

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

It is during the corona virus pandemic of 2020 that I write this entry. The last several months have seen much destructive and disruptive change across the world due to increasing integration of global dependency between countries, and resulting reactions to a highly infectious virus across land masses. While the proliferation of interconnected web-based systems has allowed for the proliferation of cross sharing of information both benign and profound between cultures of varying belief and political systems, there is much to sift through to find the gems worth the merit of filing away for current and future supernatural cases. I do not claim to be an expert, not in the slightest. Yet a continued calling to be of service continues to unfold both for my own spiritual learning and the ability to apply my skills as a Medium and Paranormal Strategist in hopefully a balanced and measured fashion where appropriate.

Rather than searching for cases to work on at this point, the cases find me somehow. As of this particular case of the Jinn brought to me by way of a gentle Christian man living in Kenya. One of the boons of working between religions and spiritual faiths is that I am not hindered to view a case through a restrictive particular lens. This allows maximum adaptability in approach and working method. It does not mean I advocate for others not to maintain a devotional practice of their own choosing, I do advocate where it resonates with the individual, and I do have my own actually…it just exists between the lens of labels and hierarchy of placement of “the one true religion above all others” etc. So it is ultimately a difference in perspective that cuts across the grain of almost every culture. To restrict my lens, would also result in restricting the expanse of my learning and developing on my own spiritual path.

In Africa, the depth of cultural layering is incredibly deep. The knowledge of ancient cultures among varying populations, while slowly eroding, continue to find their way into daily life and practice under the increasingly dominant modern layers of the Abrahamic religions of mostly Christianity and Islam. Which is where this case found me.

The sister of this gentle Christian man suddenly afflicted in personality presentation and psyche with no logical lead up as to why the sudden change, was alarming enough to induce the brother to reach out to me upon learning more about my spiritual service endeavors. Her state moved from one of relative balance in spirituality, executive function and generally consistent personality, to one of increasing imbalance leading to more and more destructive presentation - I omit the details due to the main focus being with the approach. After several rounds of gentle remote questioning with the Kenyan man, the receiving of this information led me to a larger context that pointed to a neighbor potentially ensconced within the practice of Islam. The Islamic religious framework relies heavily on the supernatural species of Jinn to manufacture a variety of needs and wants, much of which is imbalanced with intention stemming from control, greed, and power. More on this in subsequent blog posts and podcasts.

Enter al Rukyiah….extracted from the holy Qur’an of Islam. Normally I would advocate not crossing religious practices… however the cases now finding me are refining that position. Al Rukyiah / Ruqya (Arabic: رقية‎ IPA: [ruqja]) found under several language translations from Arabic, is the spiritual exorcism of Jinn influence (thought/believed to be devils) from a human. There is much free access to learning more about this on the internet if your interest is piqued. The recommendation tends to be repetitive recitation from specific parts of Qur’an whether in Arabic, or playing audio in Arabic (best), to other translated languages, still thought to be effective with focused intention. Regardless of which language, it MUST BE COMBINED with a pathway of the impacted person continuing forward in their life in personal spiritual balance within day to day existence.

One may ask, what is the meaning of this spiritual balance and how to apply it? Most religions have at their base presentation a set of commandments to live by and areas to avoid or remain highly vigilant against to maintain overall balance and strength against supernatural influence (such as avoiding the seven deadly sins, and apposingly how to engage with others and the environment where they find themselves) practices and approaches at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level that strive to maintain overall balance of one's complete constitution for the continued development of the soul (depending on your perspective…within the current lifetime, and/or throughout subsequent reincarnated lifetimes).

When I explained this to the gentleman, after it was presumed his sister was spiritually suffering from the envious afflictions of the neighbor having sent a Jinn to impact his sister in destructive ways, he was surprisingly open to testing the recitation of al rukyiah to see if there might be any change in overall presentation with his sister. In this particular instance, he was surprised to see a remarkable change.

Going forward, this does not mean a change in belief system from Christian to Islam would be necessary per se. It does however highlight the question of efficacy and potency of cross religious and spiritual approach of repetitive patterning where supernatural activity presents. This relates more specifically to the framework where magick is performed and projected upon others, objects and the environment (depending on degree of complexity)…and in many cases where presentation is due to spontaneous affect upon humans stumbling into areas of land/water/air-based locations where supernatural activity exists unbeknownst to them. This continues to be a vast area of study and exploration I am learning about.

I continue to monitor this case to better understand the species of Jinn and the nuances of length of efficacy of approach. I am learning directly from people of several varying cultural groups throughout Africa and the Middle East that not all Jinn respond to Islamic-based approach with religious recitation, similar to Christian-based approaches with challenges to exorcising demons within the western construct. Part of this is because of the continued reductive belief within the Abrahamic religious framework that all destructive supernatural beings are reduced to only demons/jinn, and or that within the framework of demons/jinn, that ALL within this supernatural species - or potentially two different species all together - will respond to recitation of holy scripture.

*I would advise against the assumption that all cases are addressed simply in this way. Folk magic on many continents can be extremely deceptive as to how complex the magickal and supernatural workings might be just underneath the surface. Sometimes a litmus test is can be a great first step after robust inquiry of varying methods, but there is a vast majority of folk magic in the world that is incredibly complex and intricate…so caution must always be at the forefront within the mind.

By Amy Beauchamp

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