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Amy Beauchamp

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"We must be willing to evolve beyond evidence collection and dive into the heavier work of identifying and assisting with all the paranormal layers that can present at any given location."

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Medium * Paranormal Strategist

Amy Beauchamp is the initiator and driver of Pandora's Jar Paranormal, a humble road and travelogue of learning and applying analytical and esoteric methods towards greater balance for the seen and unseen.


Amy earned her M.A. in Spiritual/Applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, California in 2006.  She has been a consistently active Medium in the large community of Los Angeles, California for over 15 years.  Her work has spanned the spectrum as a Medium with mentoring students, giving private readings, teaching classes, facilitating public & private/business events such as gallery and tarot readings to hands-on interactive séances. In addition, she balances her work with helping pro bono on cases for those who are experiencing acute paranormal/supernatural challenges.

She is just beginning her occult journey researching various ancient and modern cultures, comparative mythology, occult practices, ancient and modern religious systems, languages and symbology.  


After decades of searching for a balanced approach to Occultism, she happened to come across a thin book about Exorcism authored by Occultist Josephine McCarthy. Following deeper into this Author's immense body of work, she discovered Quareia.


Josephine McCarthy and Frater Acher are the Founders of Quareia (  "...a new school of magic for the 21st Century. Its content is entirely free of cost - there is no sign up process or registration, and no fees to pay at all. The Latin term quareia refers to the place where stones are squared. That is what this course aims for: to equip you with the magical tools to work on the rough stone that you are."


Josephine McCarthy is the Director and Author of all Quareia material; Frater Acher is Quareia’s patron and web designer.

Amy gives 100% gratitude and acknowledgment to Occultists Josephine McCarthy and Frater Acher for their generous contribution in a time of considerable global change.


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Amy's Travelogue...

A majority of the work finds me, not the other way around...oddly. Maybe someone hears about me from a friend or client, or the unseen crosses my path in unexpected ways for help that I can humbly participate in with my current skills and knowledge.  I thought that Mediumship was the arc under which I operated. However as I journey further down the rabbit hole towards ancient civilizations, mysticism and occultism, I can see that even this is just one skill of many in my tool kit.  How can the ancient past help with approaching the paranormal in the present?  What our current community still has yet to discover is that past civilizations had a much better idea of what was/is out there, and how to endure day to day life with the supernatural to a much greater degree. Our current culture relies heavily on technology to provide answers...but really the answers stemming from that same tech do not even begin scratch the surface. The majority of people in the paranormal community are seeking to prove ghosts exist. Rather than spend all of my time trying to capture evidence, it just makes more sense for me to dive in and actually do the work of helping to bring paranormal layers back into balance as much as I can as necessary.  This is my journey... 


Latest Blog Post...



Those who see themselves as adversaries on the road of your life, let them be to walk their own path uphill in this life or the next. The hall of mirrors in present space is ever constant to each one, waiting for the one to fall back onto themselves and realize that because of their constant projections, they are often their own worst enemy.


A good amount of time into Nigeria, and I am more aware of what life looks like in an oppressed economy over decades. This day to day toil over time has split many into either constant tribal conditional/results magic that pervasively comes at a high price, and those that resist the ancient Pagan path for the Abrahamic religions of Christianity or Islam. Both seek towards the externalization of a higher power to bring desired results, bestow gifts or relief from righteousness for the most part it seems. Far fewer are those that...

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